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October 9, 2018

Google Shuts Down Google+ After Security Breach

CDP(?) Zaius Adds Shopify Integration

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What's in a name? Zaius meets the CDP definition of building and sharing a unified, persistent customer database. But they add marketing automation features that place them beyond the CDP realm. They’ve just announced an integration with ecommerce platform Shopify, which suggests they’re serving clients much smaller than most CDP vendors. Speaking of names: they have an endorsement on their Web site from someone named McGregor Button.

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Crimson Hexagon and Brandwatch Merge To Become…Brandwatch

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Crimson Hexagon is another cool name but the company is giving it up as a part of a just-announced merger with Brandwatch. Both companies play in the social media monitoring space. The combined firm will add data from other sources as well.

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Google Shuts Down Google+ and Reveals Security Gap


An uncool name wasn’t the main reason so few people used Google’s social media network Google+ although it probably didn’t help. The company today announced they were shutting down the consumer portion of Google+, although they’ll keep some corporate applications. They also described several new limits on data sharing, mentioned that a security bug exposed data from at least a half million accounts, and look, a squirrel!

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