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October 12, 2018

Persado AI Adds Story-Telling Capability

Persado AI Adds Story-Telling Capability


AI-driven marketing language generator Persado has added story-telling to its skills. But don’t get too excited: it’s not describing a sequence of events like what happened on its summer vacation. Rather, it’s writing copy snippets that reflect brand voice, seasonal themes, audience interests, and campaign goals. Still, it’s a step towards better AI-written copy. And, for now, what happened in Vegas still stays in Vegas.

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Qordoba Raises $11.5 Million Series B to Assess Brand Content

Business Wire

AI might not yet be replacing copywriters, but it’s ready to replace annoying bosses who second-guess what copywriters produce. That seems to be the function of Qordoba, which “helps copywriters stay on-brand and on-message across user personas” by measuring emotion, brand adherence, language style, and tone in content. They just raised a $11.5 million Series B. Presumably Qordoba could evaluate Persado outputs but if that’s your idea of fun, you need to get out more.

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Internet of Things Could Pose Privacy and Security Risks: NY Times

The New York Times

Speaking of replaceable: we sometimes wonder why we’re paying Jamie, our Department of the Obvious Intern, to sit and read The New York Times. Then we remember he’s not paid. Jamie tells us that the latest scoop from The Times' crack tech reporting team is that Internet of Things devices might spy on you. Wow.

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