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December 8, 2016

mParticle Ingests SaaS Data; SessionM Links to POS with LoyalTree; Emotion Detection Connects Computers to People

mParticle Simplifies Ingestion of Customer Data from SaaS Systems


Customer Data Platform vendor mParticle has released a major upgrade that adds point-and-click integration to ingest data from many SaaS platforms.  This substantially increases the range of data the system can manage.  Initial integrations include Kochava, Apsalar, Adjust, Iterable, Urban Airship, MailChimp, Tune, and Zendesk.

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SessionM Acquires LoyalTree for Closer Integration with Point-of-Sale

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Mobile-first marketing automation and loyalty platform SessionM has acquired LoyalTree, which provides integrated point-of-sale marketing software.  The prize is LoyalTree’s API, which will let SessionM deliver its omnichannel campaigns through point-of-sale systems from NCR, Oracle, POSitouch, and others.  Data will also flow back to SessionM to enrich its customer profiles and link marketing campaigns with in-store purchases. 

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Study: Emotion Detection and Recognition Market Worth $36 Billion by 2021


MarketsandMarkets has a new report predicting that emotion detection and recognition technologies will grow nearly 40% per year, to reach $36 billion by 2021.  Scope includes facial expressions, speech, voice, and bio-sensing (ECG, eye tracking, wearable, etc.).  This is a major new data source for marketers and their CDP systems, not to mention AI systems in general.

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