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October 15, 2018

MarTech Advisor Publishes CDP Buyer's Guide

MarTech Advisor Publishes CDP Buyer’s Guide

MarTech Advisor

Customer Data Platforms remain a hot topic, thank goodness. Latest fuel on the fire is MarTech Advisor’s CDP buyer's guide. Much wisdom and a broad list of vendors. And it’s free.

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ironSource Lets Mobile App Publishers Measure Ad Revenue from Individual Users

PR Web

Few ideas generate more talk and less action than consumers selling access to their own data. One question is how many people are important enough to advertisers for their data to be in high demand. Mobile ad network ironSource may answer this with a new feature that lets app developers measure the ad revenue generated by individual users. The idea is to help app owners identify their most valuable users and find more like them.

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Half of U.S. Businesses Don’t Expect to Meet Deadline for California Privacy Rules: PwC Study


Individuals might earn much less ad revenue if new privacy rules start to bite. Impact of GDPR has so far been limited although there have been reports of fewer mobile impressions sold in Europe and impending fines for violations. California’s new privacy law could have a much greater impact in the U.S. but just half the businesses surveyed by PwC expect to be compliant when it takes effect in 2020. Many are probably counting on the law being watered down in response to industry pressure, either in the California legislature or by pre-emptive federal action.

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