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October 17, 2018

If You Read One Article About Event Management Software This Year...

...that's one more than I expect, Dear Reader.  Yet today the News Gods have presented us with three.  So let's take the hint.

Cvent Acquires Social Tables


We’ll start with news that industry giant Cvent is buying Social Tables, which helps event planners lay out seating charts. Their secret weapon is a database with scaled diagrams of 4 billion square feet of meeting space.

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Aventri Buys ITN International for Advanced Event Tech


Here’s another purchase: event management software company Aventri has acquired ITN International, which offers wireless technology for registration, check-in, badges, scanning, and let’s not wonder what else. It’s Aventri’s fourth acquisition in three years, a roll-up powered by private equity firm HGGC.

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Event Tech Vendor Hubb Raises $6 Million Series B


Looking for still more event management excitement? Well, I hope you’re sitting down because event management tech provider Hubb has raised a $6 million Series B. That’s Series with a B that rhymes with P and stands for Pool. Wait, sorry, that’s a line from The Music Man. Sometimes I just want to burst into song.

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