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October 26, 2018

Marketers Do Best with Customer Data

Marketers Do Best with Customer Data: Econsultancy Study for SAP


Should marketers be in charge of customer data? A study by Econsultancy for SAP suggests the answer is yes: companies doing the best job with their customer data are vastly more likely than others to say marketing owns the customer (66% vs 11%) and manages customer data operations (44% vs 25%). Leaders are better at lots of other things, too. Well worth a look.

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Marketers Eager for First Party Data: Sizmek Survey


Marketers themselves want to control their data, according to another survey by ad buying engine Sizmek. In particular, 88% want to own the data created by their campaigns, rather than ceding control to “walled gardens” like Facebook and Google.

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Marketers Throw Away Too Much Data: Digital Element Report

Digital Element

And since we’re on the topic, marketers also feel they’re throwing away a good portion of the data they do collect, says geolocation data provider Digital Elements. More than half felt they could increase revenues if they could use an extra 25% of the data they currently throw away. Most of the study focuses on IP location data, which 71% said was very important but just 39% are using fully.

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