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November 14, 2018

Zendesk Challenges Salesforce with Cloud-Based CRM Platform

Zendesk Challenges Salesforce with Cloud-Based CRM Platform


Cloud-based customer service platform Zendesk has launched Sunshine, an open standards-based CRM platform that could be a serious competitor to Salesforce and Oracle. Sunshine runs on Amazon Web Services, can ingest data from any source, supports custom objects, and supports apps from outside developers. Zendesk says 60,000 custom apps already run on the system. It has further seeded the market with its own sales force automation and data analytics apps.

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AdRoll Buys Growlabs to Expand Its B2B Sales Services

Globe Newswire

Further shaking up the sales tech landscape, AdRoll Group has purchased Growlabs, gaining a database with 12 million companies and 320 million business identities plus a collection of lead generation and sales automation tools. Growlabs will join RollWorks, the B2B marketing line that AdRoll launched in February.

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Tech Took 29% of 2018 Marketing Budgets: Gartner


Where’s all the money coming from for these new tools? Gartner estimates that technology expanded its share of total marketing budgets to 29% in 2018, up from 22% in 2017. But don’t take this too seriously: the figure was 27% in the 2016 study. With a relatively small sample of “over 600” marketing leaders, the statistical significance of these shifts is doubtful. But the larger truth is clear: marketers spend a lot of money on tech.

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