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November 15, 2018

SnapLogic Offers Self-Service Machine Learning

SnapLogic Offers Self-Service Machine Learning


Data and process integration vendor SnapLogic had two announcements yesterday: AI-powered workflows to automate IT integration projects and self-service machine learning. SnapLogic argues that “machine learning is an integration problem” because of all the data preparation and movement involved. It’s an odd perspective but it does illustrate automation of yet another process that once required highly skilled humans.

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ThoughtSpot Adds Access to DataRobot Machine Learning


DataRobot also offers automated machine learning, although they don’t frame it as an integration problem. They did just partner with analytics interface vendor ThoughtSpot, which will make it easier for users to access DataRobot results. ThoughtSpot also made a separate announcement about a voice interface for answering complex questions.

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Mojo Vision Exits Stealth But Product Stays Invisible


I’m pretty sure that Mojo Vision wasn’t kidding when they announced they have emerged from stealth to offer “invisible computing”, but they certainly seem ripe for ridicule. Saying “the company did not offer any immediate specifics regarding product availability or planned form factors” doesn’t help. The general idea is augmented reality for hands-free data display. They did say they’ve raised more than $50 million dollars, apparently on the reputations of the co-founders.

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