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November 16, 2018

CDPs Leadspace, Evergage and Canopy Labs Make the News

CDP Leadspace Adds Native Salesforce Integration


Here’s a rare treat, Dear Reader: three items about Customer Data Platforms. We’ll start with news that B2B CDP Leadspace has launched a native Salesforce integration making Leadspace’s contact data, intent signals, and predictive modeling scores available directly within the Salesforce CRM interface.

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Evergage CDP Partners with UST Global to Help Retailers


Next, CDP Evergage announced a strategic partnership with digital transformation consultancy UST Global. UST Global will help retailers connect Evergage to data sources and take advantage of Evergage’s personalization capabilities.

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Drop Technologies Buys CDP-ish Canopy Labs

Canopy Labs

Finally, predictive analytics company Canopy Labs has been purchased by mobile rewards platform Drop Technologies. Canopy Labs builds a unified customer database and applies AI to create personalized customer journeys. It apparently doesn’t expose its data to external systems, so it’s not really a CDP. But it’s close enough for today’s purposes.

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