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December 3, 2018

500 Million Starwood Guests’ Data Exposed in Years-Long Breach

500 Million Starwood Guests’ Data Exposed in Years-Long Breach

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Any chance you’d hear more about Amazon’s pre-Thanksgiving data breach was swept away by Friday’s report that personal information on up to a 500 million guests at Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, and other Starwood hotels was exposed in a hack of its reservation systems. The breach began in 2014 and was only shut down this past September. We also learned last week that more 60 million email accounts were exposed over two years by a breach at the U.S. Postal Service.

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inMarket Launches Location-Based Ad Suite

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This may not be the best time to mention selling sensitive personal data, but you might still want know to that location-based ad specialist inMarket has launched a new suite of tools to create “interactive moments” via mobile app experiences tied to the customer’s current physical location. The location data is is based on beacon, Wifi and GPS data from first-party integrations with 50 million popular apps. Messages can promote online or in-store purchases, include games, or let consumers swipe on the offer they find most appealing.

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Claritas Buys Mobile ID Graph Builder Barometric

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Targeting data company Claritas is also plunging ahead with business as usual, announcing purchase of Barometric, which connects mobile IDS to people to optimize ads and measure results. It’s an expansion beyond Claritas’ traditional business in offline marketing.  Remember when PRIZM codes were the hot new thing? Me neither.

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