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December 13, 2018

Catalina Bankruptcy Erases $1.6 Billion in Debt

Catalina Bankruptcy Erases $1.6 Billion in Debt


So far this week, you haven’t been interested in funding or acquisitions, Dear Reader. Let’s try a nice bankruptcy: Catalina, best known for supermarket cash register coupons, filed for Chapter 11 yesterday to erase $1.6 billion of its $1.9 billion debt. The pre-packaged restructuring will let the company focus on digital media and selling its vast trove of consumer data. Catalina is owned by private equity firms Berkshire Partners LLC and Hellman & Friedman LLC.

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Jivox Adds AI-Driven Journey and Message Optimization


Or maybe you’d like some product news. Personalization vendor Jivox now uses AI to find optimal customer journeys and create optimal messages across paid and owned channels, including social, advertising, Web, and email. To do this, it creates a unified customer view with data from all sources. But it doesn’t share this with other systems like a Customer Data Platform.

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Anagog Enables Personalization Without Sharing Data


How about something completely different? Anagog lets companies deliver personalized, context-sensitive services on a mobile phone without moving personal data off the handset. The trick is an engine that runs on the device itself, tracking detailed behaviors but only exposing a summary profile and predictions to external systems.  Let that sink in: “absolutely no reliance on the cloud” is now a selling point. Can "absolutely no AI" be far behind?

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