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January 2, 2019

CDP Industry Grew 60% in 2018

CDP Industry Grew 60% in 2018: CDP Institute Report

CDP Institute

Happy 2019, Dear Reader. The CDP Institute elves worked hard over the holidays to greet you with our latest CDP Industry Update. They found the industry grew 60% in 2018 and ended with an estimated $740 million revenue. Lots of details about where the growth came from and what happens next.

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61% of High-Performing Marketers Have Single Customer View: Forbes CMO Practice

Forbes CMO Practice

Forbes CMO Practice also has a new report, funded by CDP ARM Treasure Data. The focus is marketing accountability but they did find that 61% of high-performing marketers have a single customer view. That seems high but remember that was just high-performing marketers. Alas, they didn’t provide an average.

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Few B2B Companies Have a Single Vendor Sales Stack: Forrester Study


Don’t feel left out, B2B marketers. Here’s a Forrester report for you, sponsored by Salesforce B2B Commerce (formerly CloudCraze). It sheds some light on the perennial suite-vs-best-of-breed debate: 13% of respondents use a single vendor stack for all their B2B selling needs, 40% use one primary vendor and supplement as needed, 37% assemble best-of-breed tools, and 9% use a home-grown solution. Good to know.

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