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January 8, 2019

Akamai Buys Janrain for Customer Identity Access Management

Akamai Buys Janrain for Customer Identity Access Management


Ah, a normal news day at last. We have an acquisition: Web delivery platform Akamai has purchased customer identity access management vendor Janrain. It’s not a pairing you might have expected but it does make sense: Akamai adds security to Janrain’s log-in processes. Quite relevant to marketers who want better ways to build trust and capture customer identities.

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MediaMath and Place Exchange Integrate Out-of-Home with Other Programmatic Channels

PR Newswire

We have omni-channel adtech: MediaMath announced it has combined out-of-home programmatic advertising (purchased via Place Exchange) with other programmatic channels in the same campaign. They say it’s a digital advertising industry first and who has time to check? Either way, it shows that out-of-home is up-to-date.

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Cuebiq Is Latest to Connect TV Viewing with Retail Traffic

Business Wire

And we have cross-channel attribution: Cuebiq, which collects location data about individuals, has partnered with TV viewing data collectors Inscape and Gracenote to correlate TV consumption with retail foot traffic. This once would have seemed amazing but now such services are commonplace. No doubt they differ ways too subtle for most of us to grasp.

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