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January 16, 2019

Campaign Monitor Buys Sailthru and LiveClicker

Campaign Monitor Buys Sailthru and LiveClicker

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Mostly-email marketing technology company Campaign Monitor has tip-toed into omni-channel by buying cross-channel experience platform Sailthru and real-time email personalization vendor Liveclicker. Both deals were closed last year but just announced. Campaign Monitor merged with email vendors Delivra and Emma in June 2018 and bought the Tagga Customer Data Platform in 2017.

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V12 Launches Home Product Shopper Database


Consumer marketing agency V12 has launched the Home Retail Intender Database, which combines data from “hundreds of sources of offline and online data” to identify consumers in-market for specific home retail products. Inputs include online browsing, physical retail visits, and events such as new moves and new children. V12 calls itself a Customer Data Platform although it’s probably more accurate to say that CDP functions are part of their service.

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Radius Offers “Data for Good” to Support Social Projects


B2B CDP Radius also assembles data for its clients, although without the agency services. They’ve just announced “Data for Good”, which provides free services to non-profit organizations and lets Radius clients use Radius data for philanthropic and social projects without charge. Nice.

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