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January 30, 2019

Gladly Raises $50 Million for Customer-Centric Service

Glady Raises $50 Million for Customer-Centric Service


Customer-centric customer service may seem redundant, but it’s emerging as a theme. Gladly builds a unified lifetime view of customers and shares it across all channels. They contrast this against a case-centric view that treats each problem separately. They’ve just raised $50 million, bringing their total to $118 million.

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Data Privacy Is Top Advertiser Priority: Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science

Data privacy (56%) is now the top priority of online advertisers, beating consistent measurement (47%), ad fraud (43%), brand safety (37%) and fake news (31%), according to a survey from adtech vendor Integral Ad Science. A cynic might question advertisers’ commitment to privacy: when brands ranked threats to budgets, inability to measure ROI ranked first (75%), followed by transparency (60%), fraud (53%), brand-safe placements (47%), and non-viewable impressions (42%). Other interesting stats here too.

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Security Problems with IoT Run Deep: Pepper IoT and Dark Cubed

Pepper IoT

Turns out you’re not paranoid: that smart lightbulb really is spying on you. But did you suspect it was sending your info to China? Apparently so, according to Pepper IoT and Dark Cubed. They find lots of systemic problems with IoT security and suggest solving them won’t be easy. On the lighter side of total surveillance, an app in China listens for the sound of frying cooking oil and rewards customers with coupons and a U.S.-based firm watches what you dump in recycling bins and offers praise when you sort your track correctly.  Feel better?

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