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January 31, 2019

AgilOne Adds Snowflake Database Option

AgilOne Adds Snowflake Database Option


We have some actual CDP news today. AgilOne announced a strategic partnership with Snowflake Computing, which provides a cloud-based database noted for high speed SQL queries and scalability. Users will gain better access to data stored in AgilOne.

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mParticle Adds Central Data Catalog


Meanwhile, mParticle has launched Data Master, which gives users new tools to catalog data gathered by the system. The key benefit is a central repository that collects information about inputs in one place.

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Segment Launches Partner Program

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Finally, Segment has launched a new partner program. It provides training, certification, technical and marketing support for companies that sell and support Segment (channel partners) and companies whose products integrate with Segment (technology partners). Segment has recently taken to calling itself a Customer Data Infrastructure rather than a CDP.

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