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February 1, 2019

Infusionsoft Renames Itself as Keap and Launches Simpler Product

Infusionsoft Renames Itself as Keap and Launches Simpler Product

Globe Newswire

All-in-one marketing software vendor Infusionsoft has changed its name to Keap and launched client management product fewer functions than its previous flagship system, which will also remain available. A some-in-one product, as it were. The vast majority of small businesses couldn’t make effective use of the original system.

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More Shoppers Want Self-Checkout than Augmented Reality: BRP Consulting

BRP Consulting

Speaking of simplicity, retail consultants BRP found that 55% of consumers said they are more likely to buy at a store with self-checkout while just 32% are more likely to shop at a store offering an augmented reality experience. It’s another reminder that consumers have a highly pragmatic approach to tech, preferring systems that make shopping easier over systems that are merely cool. The report gives much more information consumer attitudes and retailer investment intentions.

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Consumers Will Tell You Which Half of Your Ads Are Wasted: ViralGains, MAGNA and IPG Media Lab


Advanced tech does have its uses, of course. Asking people about their interests lets marketers avoid wasted spend on future ads – potentially reducing campaign costs by half, according to tests conducted by digital video ad platform ViralGains, MAGNA and IPG Media Lab. In the test, consumers who viewed an ad were then asked if they were interested in the ad content, and then later served different ads based on their answer. The researchers estimate it is possible avoid 59% of media costs with such programs.

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