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February 4, 2019

GDPR Compliance is Good for Business

GDPR Compliance is Good for Business: Cisco Study


Sometimes you need data to prove the value of doing the right thing. CDP Institute is here to help. Trying to attach a price to good privacy practices? Cisco found that fewer GDPR-complaint companies had a recent data breach than non-compliant companies. Less comforting: the breach rate at compliant firms was 74%.

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Most Web Pages Take Longer to Load Than Most Consumers Will Wait: Unbounce Report


Need funding to speed up your Web site? Download this: Unbounce found that 85% of sample of mobile Web pages took more than five seconds to load, while the majority of users will leave after waiting for three seconds. Extra style points if you present this to your boss by pausing...five...seconds...between...each...word.

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Customer Service Beats Product or Marketing as Brand Differentiator: Bynder Research


Does customer service need more attention? Digital asset management vendor Bynder found that excellent service was rated as the most effective brand differentiator by 29% of decision makers, far ahead of marketing campaigns (15%) or product (13%). The same survey found that 23% of marketers are struggling to find the right personalization technology, which has nothing to do with customer service but might still come in handy. You’re welcome.

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