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February 12, 2019

LiveRamp Adds Connected TV to Its Cross-Channel Identities

LiveRamp Adds Connected TV to Its Cross-Channel Identities


If I remember correctly, the television sets in Orwell’s 1984 were surveillance devices. Coincidentally or not, today’s connected TV enables advertisers to know exactly who’s watching what. LiveRamp has further improved things by connecting TV viewers with their email, mobile, postal, and other identities. “Consumers can experience meaningful and relevant brand-connection moments across screens” says LiveRamp, blithely assuming that’s a benefit.

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Advertisers Less Worried About Brand Safety: GumGum Research


That last item used up my sarcasm quota for the week, so I’ll simply report that advertisers are much less worried about brand safety than they used to be: in a survey last fall, 60% said it was a serious problem, down from 90% the year before. This from GumGum, whose computer vision systems help to identify objectionable content. A cynic might ask whether the problem is really under control or whether advertisers never really cared that much in the first place. One hint their hearts are not in it: 62% felt brand safety efforts have made it harder to reach desired audiences.

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Direct-to-Consumer Is Disrupting Everything: IAB Report


If you prefer a much bigger and merrier picture, download this 143 page deck from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, cheering the growth of direct-to-consumer brands. Much to ponder – my favorites were the mash-up of omnichannel shopping and co-working, “delivered discovery” (a fancy name for sampling), and Amazon’s patented drone-hive fulfilment center.

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