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February 27, 2019

IAB Testifies For Federal Privacy Law, Against Consumer Choice

Optimizely Connects External Behaviors to Tests

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Testing platform Optimizely has added an ability to integrate external behavioral data, giving users a more complete view of test impacts. The new feature tracks the tests received by each individual and then ingests data from other systems about their behaviors. This breezily assumes that your other systems can give Optimizely a personal identifier to tie everything together. Easier said than done.

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UserTesting Adds Support for Mobile Devices


UserTesting assembles online panels of people who comment on test products and features. They’ve just added an option to run tests on mobile devices in addition to desktop systems. Compared with Optimizely, it’s the difference between asking someone what they think and watching what they do.

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IAB Testifies For Federal Privacy Law, Against Consumer Choice


The difference between asking and watching is also on the minds of the digital marketing trade group IAB, which is testifying in Washington in favor of replacing state regulation with a federal privacy law. Their current position is that asking consumers for consent is just way too pesky, or, as they colorfully describe it, creates “rampant over-notification leading to consent fatigue in consumers and creating an indifference to important notices regarding their privacy”. IAB would rather rely on Congress to decide what’s permitted because, well, everybody trusts Congress.

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