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March 8, 2019

LiveRamp Adds B2B Identities and Experian Consumer Segments

LiveRamp Adds B2B Identities and Experian Consumer Segments


Two LiveRamp items today: they’ve entered the B2B identity data market place and added Experian audience segments to their B2C data. They were in the news last week for offering free use of their Person ID to ad buyers and sellers. Seems their split from Acxiom last September has freed up some animal spirits.

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Podcast Listening Up Sharply: Edison Research Report

Edison Research

To hear about LiveRamp’s adventures and other martech news, tune into the weekly Talking Stack podcast featuring MarTech Advisor Editor-in-Chief Chitra Iyer, industry expert Anand Thacker, and CDP Institute’s David Raab. Podcasts are hot: monthly listeners grew from 24% to 32% of the U.S. population from 2017 to 2019, according to Edison Research. Edison also reports that Facebook users fell from 67% to 61% of the population, although Instagram and Snapchat took up most of the slack.

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Persado Reveals Most Effective Word Choices


Speech is important but reading isn’t dead. In fact, careful word choice makes a huge difference in ad performance, according to this study from automated creative tool Persado. Did you know that percentages like “45% discount” drive on average 23% more engagement than specific dollar amounts like “over $100 savings”? Or that “complimentary” outpulls “free” by up to 21%? It’s the perfect Daylight Savings Time gift for that copywriter in your life.  And it's complimentary.

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