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March 12, 2019

Few Agencies Buying Customer Data Platforms

Few Agencies Buying Customer Data Platforms: Marketing Land Survey

Marketing Land

To say it’s a slow news day would be generous, Dear Reader. Glacial is more like it. But we always have surveys. We’ll start with this from Marketing Land, which found what’s on the mind of more than 700 agency staffers. Most interesting from our perspective is how few are using CDPs: just 14%, compared with 84% using campaign management, 67% using email marketing, 65% using CRM, 57% using marketing automation, and 25% using DMPs. This despite the fact that 61% offer data management and analytics services. Only7% plan a CDP purchase in the next twelve months.

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IT Managers Prioritize Efficiency Over Customer Experience: MuleSoft Survey


IT departments are famously uninterested in customer data management in general, let alone CDPs in particular. This MuleSoft survey of enterprise IT leaders reinforces the point: while 97% have a digital transformation project, most of them (83%) list increased IT operating efficiency as a goal and 70% list increased business efficiency, compared with 71% for improved customer experience. Marketing ranks a lowly number six on the list of business units with integration needs. Fun fact: the average organization uses 900 applications, of which just 29% connect. Less fun fact: the favorite way to increase efficiency to hire more staff (52%), not leverage APIs (39%) or a microservices architecture (38%). This does not bode well.

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Most Companies Are Paying for Unused SaaS Apps: Blissfully Report


Meanwhile, SaaS technology management vendor Blissfully reports that 1,000+ employee firms use an average of 211 SaaS applications and replace an average of 38% over a two year period. Among companies of all sizes, 71% have at least one SaaS subscription with no billing owner, suggesting it’s not actively used. Let’s just say there’s room for improvement.

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