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March 19, 2019

Stand-Alone CDPs Have No Future, Says Report

Stand-Alone CDPs Have No Future: Winterberry Group

Winterberry Group

Fewer than twenty of the hundred-plus firms calling themselves CDPs are worthy of the name, according to a report from Winterberry Group. Alas, they don’t say which twenty. They do criticize CDP Institute positions without having spoken to us. And they “don’t see a long-term opportunity for a standalone CDP”.  See this blog post for the Institute's reply.

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Perceptin Tracks Customer Response to Out of Home Ads


A perceptive piece in MarketingLand argues that digital technology is making out-of-home advertising into several hot new channels. They may be on to something: Perceptin, which mostly does visual perception systems for self-driving vehicles, is capturing consumer reactions to advertisements and products in the real world. Specifically, a tiny camera on a vending machine reports customers’ age, gender, emotions, and other characteristics. No personal identities are attached.

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Geon Network and XYO Combine Augmented Reality with Location Tracking and Rewards

Business Wire

One exciting possibility for out of home ads is to combine them with augmented reality experiences. Geon Network, which has more than 1.5 million AR objects in place worldwide, rewards consumers for spending time at real-world locations. They just announced a partnership with XYO, which captures consumer locations and provides a cryptocurrency for payments.

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