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March 25, 2019

ClickDimensions Buys SweetSpot Marketing Dashboard

ClickDimensions Buys SweetSpot Dashboard to Extend Marketing Automation

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ClickDimensions, which offers a marketing automation add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365, has just purchased marketing dashboard vendor Sweetspot. There’s a certain CDP-ish ring to the deal, since SweetSpot assembles data from multiple sources (including “almost 50 prebuilt connectors”) and makes it available for analysis. But, no, this doesn’t make ClickDimensions a CDP.

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Amazon and Google Grew Their Share of Digital Ad Revenues in 2018: eMarketer Report


Criticism of Facebook and Google hasn’t stopped advertisers from doing business with them. eMarketer estimates the duopoly’s share of U.S. digital advertising grew in 2018 to 60.1%. eMarketer does expect their share to drop to 59.3% in 2019, but only because Amazon will grow by two points to reach 8.8% of the market. In other words, everyone else will actually lose ground to the big two and a half.

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Subscriptions Take a Larger Share of Retail Sales: Zuora Study


The continued dominance of Google, Facebook and Amazon put many companies at their mercy. One solution is to lock in repeat sales via subscriptions. So it’s probably good news that Zuora’s latest Subscription Economy Index found that subscription sales grew five times faster than total retail sales over the past seven years. Take a look for information on churn rates, results by industry, and more.

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