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March 27, 2019

Adobe Announces 'Real-Time CDP' But Details Are Scarce

Adobe Announces ‘Real-Time CDP’ But Details Are Scarce


Yesterday it was Salesforce; today was Adobe’s turn to try to redefine Customer Data Platform in terms that give it an advantage. This piece by Director of Product Marketing Ali Bohra accurately distinguishes CDPs from DMPs, CRM and data lakes, but then argues that tight integration between Adobe’s CDP-ish solution and the rest of the Adobe Experience Cloud is pretty much essential. This contradicts a central CDP benefit of letting users deploy any solution, not just one vendor’s own products. Adobe’s announcement mentioned a “new real-time Customer Data Platform” but didn’t specify how much data is captured or what’s stored persistently.

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McDonalds Buys Personalization Vendor Dynamic Yield for $300 Million+


Speaking of stand-alone systems, personalization vendor Dynamic Yield was bought by McDonalds for a hearty $300 million-plus. McDonalds will use Dynamic Yield to tailor drive-through menus to local conditions such as weather and traffic. Dynamic Yield will operate independently and continue to sell its product to other clients.

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Tech Buyers Want More Honesty from Vendors: TrustRadius Survey


If you’re reading this newsletter, you probably buy or sell business software. This TrustRadius study gives intriguing details on how that works. You won’t be surprised that there’s a considerable trust gap between buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers do agree that product demonstrations are the most effective evaluation tool.

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