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April 2, 2019

Most Marketers Buy New Technology Every Quarter

Nativo Buys SimpleReach for Content Impact Analytics

Globe Newswire

As headlines go, “Nativo Buys SimpleReach” doesn’t quite measure up to “Headless Body in Topless Bar”. But Nativo sells content advertising and SimpleReach measures content impact, so it’s a modestly interesting sign of the growing role played by measurement.

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Most Marketers Buy New Technology Every Quarter: Ascend2 Survey


Resorting to surveys, Ascend2 had one particularly interesting finding in its recent paper on marketing technology utilization: 67% of the respondents buy new marketing technology every quarter and an amazing 28% add new martech every month. Some people buy groceries less often.

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Ads.Txt Reduces Ad Fraud Nearly 20%: Pixalate Study


Let’s end with some good news: Ads.txt seems to be working. Fraud intelligence company Pixalate found 19% lower fraud rates on sites using ads.txt, which helps to ensure that people selling ads for a Web site are authorized to do so. Adoption is now around 75% although it may have stalled.

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