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April 22, 2019

Factual Connects Online Ad Campaigns to Retail Visits

Factual Connects Online Ad Campaigns to Retail Visits

Business Wire

Are you tired of stories about tying online behavior to real-world store visits, Dear Reader? What once seemed magical now seems common. Still, it’s arguably the greatest revolution in marketing measurement since the dawn of mass media. In any case, here’s another one: Location data company Factual has launched a new product that correlates ad exposure to visits, using data from Factual’s graph of 300 million devices. Marketers can compare exposed to non-exposed groups to estimate incremental campaign impact.

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Foursquare Measures Out-of-Home Ad Impact


Foursquare tracks location of its own panel of 10 million “always on” mobile devices. It has just extended its attribution reporting to include out-of-home media by tracking who comes close enough to an out-of-home display to have seen it. Since Foursquare can already track who visited a store, this new data lets it compare visits among exposed vs non-exposed groups.

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Complete Customer View and Effectiveness Measurement Top Marketers’ Challenge List: eConsultancy


This eConsultancy study for Adobe doesn’t talk much about location data but it does find that marketers list a holistic customer view (44%) and effectiveness tracking (41%) as their top two challenges. Both require a location-to-retail connection. Anyway, we love the eConsultancy/Adobe studies, so that’s a good enough excuse to share the latest with you.

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