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April 25, 2019

FullStory Raises $32 Million for Web Behavior Replay

FullStory Raises $32 Million for Web Behavior Replay


FullStory, which captures and replays the details of Web site visits, has raised a $32 million Series C funding. Worried about rage clicks or mouse thrashing? They’ve got you covered.

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Quantum Metric Adds Real-Time Response to Web Site Behaviors

Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric also captures Web site behaviors. But they’ve just gone a step beyond to allow real-time response to individual actions. So you calm those rage clickers with an offer to help, or at least a cute cat picture. I feel better already.

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Brave Browser Launches Privacy-Based Ad Program


What’s that, you don’t like someone watching your every mouse twitch? Then privacy-focused browser Brave may be more your cup of tea. They already block most standard display ads and have now launched a program that lets users select which ads to view and get rewarded with blockchain tokens (of course). Ads are targeted based on behavior profiles that are stored on the user's computer and never shared with the advertiser. It’s like a crazy alternate universe where privacy came first.

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