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May 6, 2019

PossibleNOW Adds CCPA Compliance Module

PossibleNOW Adds CCPA Compliance Module

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We reported last week that many companies won’t be ready in time for the California Consumer Privacy Act, so it seems only fair to add that consent management vendor PossibleNow has launched a CCPA compliance module. More good news for procrastinators: the tech industry is still trying to weaken the law, although time may be running out.

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Spotify Tests Voice-Activated Ads


If you care about your own privacy, you may not be thrilled that while you’re listening to Spotify, Spotify is listening back. But, yup, they’ve just started testing ads that ask listeners if they want to hear more and then wait for a response. They immediately turn off your microphone if you don’t accept the offer. I could add something sarcastic but why bother?

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Life Fitness Launches Treadmill Ad Network

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You knew your smart speaker had a microphone, but what about that treadmill at the gym? Equipment maker Life Fitness has launched an ad network on its devices, complete with programmatic inventory sold through Vistar Media. So far it doesn’t seem the advertising is targeted at individuals but surely that comes next. Not possible, you scoff? Remember that treadmills already have biometric sensors and Internet connections.

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