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May 7, 2019

SAP Announces CDP Plan But No Details

SAP Announces CDP Plan But No Details


SAP yesterday joined the parade of enterprise software vendors who announce plans to launch a CDP without revealing a schedule or details. The goal they described – “to ingest all customer attributes to create a unified profile, including experiential, operational events and activity, behavioural, consent and first-party profile, and demographic data” and share these in real time with SAP and third party applications – sounds like a real CDP. We’ll see what they deliver.

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Leadspace Launches Unified Interface


Meanwhile, B2B CDP Leadspace, whose product actually exists, launched a consolidated end-user interface for data management, analysis, and segmentation. The functions had previously been spread across configuration files and administrator applications.

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Salesforce Buys Conversational AI Startup Bonobo


Bonobo is a conversational AI start-up that extracts customer insights from email, chat, video, and other interactions. No one has claimed they’re a CDP. But they did just get bought by Salesforce in a deal that one source valued at $50 million for the 20 person company.

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