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May 21, 2019

CDP Users Get Better Martech Results: CDP Institute Study

CDP Users Get Better Martech Results: CDP Institute Study

CDP Institute

CDP users are happier than non-users with their marketing technology results, according to this survey from the CDP Institute. Hey, we don’t make the facts, we just report ’em. Lots more about what buyers expect from CDP systems, martech best practices, and state of the stack.

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Aqfer Releases Marketing Data Lake Toolkit


Aqfer has updated its marketing data lake platform, which lets technical experts build unified customer databases. Aqfer occasionally refers to itself as a CDP but CDPs are defined as packaged software, not developer toolkits. IT departments looking to build a CDP alternative will be interested.

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MarkLogic Data Hub Adds Machine Learning


MarkLogic also helps technicians build databases, offering a data hub for integration and a NoSQL database for storage. They’ve now added “embedded machine learning” to optimize personalization, customer service, and other things. No claims here to be a CDP.

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