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May 22, 2019

Google Cloud and Informatica Partner to Ease Database Development

Google Cloud and Informatica Partner to Ease Database Development


You weren’t terribly interested in yesterday’s items about IT tools to build unified databases, Dear Reader. But I’ll double down with news that Google Cloud and Informatica have announced a strategic partnership along the same lines. At least they are familiar company names. Informatica also announced a partnership with analytics data platform Databricks. You’ll recall Informatica bought the Allsight CDP in March.

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TiVo Adds Drawbridge Connection for Cross-Device Targeting


TiVo, Kantar, and Drawbridge, and Kantar are also names you know. They’re working together to expand the information available to marketers about TiVo viewers. Most notably, the Drawbridge relationship will let advertisers target viewers outside of TiVo. Individuals will remain unidentified but the veil of anonymity just got thinner.

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AT&T-Owned Xandr Launches Premium Video Ad Marketplace


Xandr is the advanced advertising arm of AT&T, another familiar name. They're also making it easier to target individuals across traditional and connected TV, mobile, and online devices. The tool is Community, an video advertising marketplace with inventory from more than 15 premium content publishers.

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