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May 29, 2019

LinkedIn Buys Drawbridge Identity Graph

LinkedIn Buys Drawbridge Identity Graph


A day for odd acquisitions. LinkedIn announced it is buying cross-channel identity platform Drawbridge, which provides both linkages and customer data. Drawbridge will become part of LinkedIn’s marketing solutions platform. Look at it this way: targeting based on LinkedIn’s deep profiles will now reach people across more channels.

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Intuit Buys Origami Logic for ‘Strong Data Architecture’


If you thought LinkedIn and Drawbridge made an odd couple, try accounting systems company Intuit and marketing data analytics vendor Origami Logic. According to Intuit, the appeal was that Origami Logic’s “strong data architecture” is “capable of collecting data from a variety of sources and generating insights quickly and efficiently.”

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Upland Software Buys Kapost Content Curation Platform

Upland Software

Finally, Upland Software just bought B2B content curation platform Kapost. Price was $50 million on $15 million revenue. You may recall that Upland bought email automation vendor PostUp at a similar ratio just last month. It’s what they do.

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