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June 3, 2019

Foursquare Buys Placed from Snap

Fousquare Buys Placed from Snap


Location tracking vendor Foursquare has purchased location tracking vendor Placed, bulking up its data collection and expanding its online-to-offline advertising attribution capabilities. Seller was Snap, which purchased Placed two years ago. Price was not announced but apparently not much more than the $125 to $135 million that Snap paid.

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Abacus Insights Raises $12.7 Million Series A for Healthcare Data Integration


More data news: healthcare data integration company Abacus Insights has raised a $12.7 million Series A. Abacus lets health insurance companies unify customer data from different sources. You can think of it as a specialized CDP for health data, although they don’t use the term.

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Salesforce Won’t Work with Retailers Selling Semi-Automatic Guns

The Verge

Then there’s this: Salesforce has decided to not sell its software to retailers who sell certain types of weapons. The move seems to be aimed mostly at making its employees happy, since consumers don’t buy Salesforce products directly. The company says that only a few current clients will be affected, so there's little financial sacrifice. It’s an interesting contrast to their choice to continue contracts with federal immigration agencies, which was widely criticized last year. Speaking of corporate social activism: this study from DoSomething Strategic found that few consumers actually remember the social stands that companies take.

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