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June 6, 2019

CDPs Deployed at 20% of Companies, Says Survey

CDPs Deployed at 20% of Companies: ActionIQ Survey


We reported last week on an Oracle survey that found CDPs were ecommerce companies’ the top investment priority, news that’s delightful if unlikely to be correct. This survey from ActionIQ and Ascendant Network found 20% of companies have a CDP, compared with 82% having CRM, 57% having a data lake or warehouse, and 54% having a DMP. Much more realistic. Worth reading for details on what data companies use, how long they keep it, how well they coordinate across channels.

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RedPoint Global Launches Digital Acquisition Platform for Targeted Advertising

RedPoint Global

Speaking of CDPs, RedPoint Global has announced a “Digital Acquisition Platform” that combines its core CDP database, real-time decisions, and DMP features to simplify ad placement, targeting, and measurement. Data flows seamlessly (of course) from RedPoint to ad platforms and back again.  It's another example of CDP vendors expanding into delivery functions.

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IBM Uses AI to Help Marketers Create AI-Powered Ads

PR Newswire

More on advertising: IBM has launched Watson Ads Builder, which uses AI to help marketers build ads that engage in chatbot-style conversations.  AI to build AI.  Wondrously meta.

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