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June 7, 2019

Google Buys Looker for $2.6 Billion

Google Buys Looker for $2.6 Billion


Google announced a deal to buy business analytics software vendor Looker for $2.6 billion. The acquisition will extend the capabilities of Google’s existing cloud database products by letting users create shared business metrics and develop applications. Looker will continue to run on all cloud database platforms.

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Microsoft and Oracle Link Cloud Services


Microsoft and Oracle have their own cloud database news: they’re linking their systems to share data and let applications running in one cloud use data stored in the other. The deal should expand the market for Oracle applications to companies that prefer to keep their data in Microsoft Azure. CDP users get more choices in where to host their systems.

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Criteo Adds CDP Connectors to Audience Partner Program


A few CDP users really care where their system is hosted. The rest are more likely to be interested that Criteo lists a dozen CDP vendors as partners in its Global Audience program. The new program will make it easier for marketers to match their customers against Criteo’s audiences, which can then be used to target ads at the customers across digital ad channels.

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