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June 11, 2019

Salesforce to Buy Tableau for $15.7 Billion in Stock

Salesforce to Buy Tableau for $15.7 Billion


Spent yesterday binge-watching Battlestar Galactica again?  We won't judge.  We will let you know that Salesforce announced a $15.7 billion stock deal to buy data visualization platform Tableau. The goal is less to improve analytics within Salesforce than to drive continued revenue growth by tapping into the general ‘digital transformation’ market. Tableau will continue to operate as an independent company.

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Weborama Tries to Outbid Amazon for Sizmek

Ad Exchanger

In other corporate drama, European adtech vendor Weborama is trying to disrupt Amazon’s deal to buy Sizmek’s ad server and creative optimization tools. Since Sizmek’s bankruptcy overseers have already approved the Amazon deal and Weborama has no hope of outbidding Amazon, this looks like an attempt to boost the purchase price – or maybe just grab some publicity.

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Facebook Aims to Grow Its Software Business

ChannelPro Network

More big tech news: Facebook is trying to grow its commercial software business by recruiting partners to push Workplace, a private version of Facebook shared among a company’s employees. Facebook’s goal is probably gather personal data that’s unprotected by consumer privacy regulations. But you could also see this as entry into martech.

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