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June 18, 2019

Salesforce Adds Persistent Profiles to Customer 360 CDP

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Salesforce Adds Persistent Profiles to Customer 360 CDP


We have a CDP triple header today, Dear Reader. We’ll start with Salesforce, whose big reveal this morning is a plan to extend Customer 360 to create persistent customer profiles. That’s a big step up from the original Customer 360, which only read data on demand from source systems. But don’t get too excited: the expanded version won’t even reach pilot status until this fall.

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Adobe Campaign Adds Triggered Journeys Powered by CDP Data


Adobe included a “real time CDP” with persistent profiles in the Experience Platform it released in March. They’ve now added four “use cases” for Experience Platform, confusingly including real time CDP on the list. More concretely, they’ve announced “triggered journeys” in Adobe Campaign that draw on CDP data to help choose reactions to customer actions. Adobe sees this as an “industry first” although it’s not clear why.

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Oracle Announces Consulting Help for CDP Deployment


Oracle’s announcement makes a tantalizing promise to “rethink the CDP market”. But its actual news is that Accenture and Capgemini will deliver CDP support services. You may think that stressing how hard it is to deploy their product would be pretty poor marketing but that’s why they’re Oracle and you’re not.

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