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June 21, 2019

Imaginary CDPs Are Most Popular

Imaginary CDPs Are Most Popular: Advertiser Perceptions Survey

Ad Exchanger

Roughly half of ad buyers said they were using CDPs from Salesforce (62%), Oracle (45%), and Adobe (42%) before those products were released, according to research firm Advertiser Perceptions. I couldn’t find a copy of the study but Ad Exchanger says the author blamed the bizarre result on confusion about the definition of CDP.  It’s a testimony to brand power and reminder to treat survey results with caution.

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Optimizely Raises $50 Million Series D for Optimization


Returning from la-la land, digital testing platform Optimizely has raised a $50 million Series D, bringing total funding to $200 million. Good to know there’s still some interest in reality-based decisions.

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IntentData.io Promises Contact-Level B2B Intent Data

PR Web

Meanwhile, IntentData.io has launched a company that sells intent data. They use public data to deliver intent linked to identified individuals, without violating privacy rules. If their Web site explains how they do this, I missed it.

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