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July 2, 2019

Two-Thirds of US Households Have OTT TV

Two-Thirds of US Households Have OTT TV: Koeppel Direct Infographic

Koeppel Direct

Looking to liven up your July 4 barbeque? How about explaining the difference between OTT (Over The Top TV) and CTV (Connected TV)? Surely Aunt Clara wants to know. This infographic from Koeppel Direct gives the answer plus many bonus factoids. For example: 65% of US households subscribe to an OTT service and 11% of US households are OTT only.

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Smart Speaker Ownership Grew 78% in 2018: NPR Study

National Public Radio

When the talk turns to smart speakers, wow everyone by knowing that 21% of US households had one in 2018, which is about 53 million people and a 78% rise from 2017. If anyone doubts your data, give them a withering stare, slowly say National...Public...Radio and mime a mic drop.

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Robocalls More Than Doubled in 2019 vs. 2018: Hiya Survey


What about robocalls? Hiya has you covered. The number placed in the first half of 2019 was 25.3 billion, up 128% over 2018. Did you know the people make an average of 85 calls per month and receive an average of 93? Bonus question: how can the two numbers be different? Just 48% of all calls are answered.

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