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July 8, 2019

Why the Future Won't Be Perfect

Parking Garages To Become Community Hubs: REEF Technology


Let’s just admit we have nothing newsworthy today and write about tomorrow instead. It will be a world where parking garages are community hubs featuring restaurants, delivery centers, and other delights. So says garage operator REEF Technology.

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Animated Emojis Mimic Live Facial Expressions via SwiftKey


It will also be a world where emojis copy your facial expression in real time. That is, when you wink at your SwiftKey-equipped mobile device, your squirrel emoji will wink at whoever is watching. The value is unimaginable. No, really: I can’t imagine any value in this.

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Many People Want Option to Avoid AI Customer Service: Invoca Survey


Alas, the future won’t be perfect. Most people will still want customer service help from other people and some will get angry when that’s not an option. This from a Harris Poll sponsored by call tracking vendor Invoca.

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