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July 12, 2019

OneTrust Raises $200 Million Series A for Privacy Compliance

OneTrust Raises $200 Million Series A for Privacy Compliance


Money money money. I avoided funding announcements on Wednesday but I can’t resist sharing that privacy management vendor OneTrust has raised a $200 million Series A. Yes, privacy is big business and getting bigger.

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Signavio Raises $177 Million Series C for Process Management


Signavio also took a dip into the money pool, coming out with a $177 million Series C. They sell systems for business process management, which is relevant here because some of those processes involve customer experiences. Total funding is now $230 million.

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NewsCred Raises $20 Million for Content Marketing


NewsCred helps companies plan, execute, and measure content marketing programs. Not as sexy as privacy (who ever thought they’d read that?) but still important. They’ve just taken $20 million in new funding, bringing their total to about $109 million.

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