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July 18, 2019

OneMarket Launches CDP-Like Platform for Retail

OneMarket Launches CDP-Like Platform for Retail


Retail technology specialist OneMarket has launched its Customer Activation Platform, which unifies online and offline customer data and executes communications programs through email, messaging, and paid media. The unification functions are CDP-like but isn't clear what data is shared with other systems. OneMarket was formerly part  of now-defunct shopping center operator Westfield Corporation.

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Flybits Raises $35 Million for AI-Based Banking Recommendations


Flybits also builds a unified customer view, in its case for banks. The system mixes conventional customer data with “external contextual data” such as risk profiles, feeds the result to an AI engine, and gets back recommended customer treatments. The company just raised a $35 million Series C, bringing total funding to $50 million.

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Uber Is Latest Tech Giant to Release Open Source AI Tool


When Facebook released an open source version of its recommendation model last week, cynics saw a ploy to seem less evil. Now Uber, one of the few big tech companies with a worse reputation than Facebook, has released an open source AI tool of its own.  The Uber tool trains conversational agents by having them talk to each other, which is equal parts fascinating, frightening, and bizarre.

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