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July 23, 2019

FTC Announces $575 Million Settlement with Equifax for Data Breach

FTC Announces $575 Million Settlement with Equifax for Data Breach


Another day, another giant privacy fine: the Federal Trade Commission announced that Equifax will pay at least $575 million for its 2017 data breach affecting 147 million people. Seems like a lot until you calculate it’s less than $4 per name. We also hear rumors of a Google settlement over YouTube’s handling of children’s data but no word on the size of the fine.

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Young People Use More Emojis: Department of the Obvious


We have no other news worth mentioning today, so let’s turn things over to Jamie of our Department of the Obvious. He’s thrilled with an Adobe report that young people use lots of emojis. A survey of heavy emoji users found that 27% of their messages contained only emojis, rising to 39% among Gen Z. An intriguing 64% said they'd like to purchase via emoji.

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Buyers Prefer Salespeople They Can Trust: More Department of the Obvious


Jamie also offers a report from DiscoverOrg, which found that buyers prefer salespeople who they trust, are professional, and know their product. There are plenty of non-obvious insights here into buyer personas, selling styles, and purchase processes.

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