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July 24, 2019

41% of Organizations Would Pay Fine Rather Than Improve Security: CyberArk Survey

41% of Organizations Would Pay Fine Rather Than Improve Security: CyberArk Survey


Stories about the dreadful state of data security are so common that I rarely share them. But this survey from security company CyberArk was especially shocking: 41% of respondents said their company would rather pay fines than change security policies after a successful cyber attack. Much more here about how little most organizations do to protect their data.

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Lytics Launches Eight-Week SmartStart Deployment Program


On to happier topics. CDP vendor Lytics has launched a SmartStart program which leads marketers through an eight week process to launch a cross-channel experience program of their choice. Lots of vendors have these but you do seem interested in all things CDP, Dear Reader.

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Catalina Marketing and LiveRamp Collaborate on Shopper Targeting

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We also have an interesting collaboration between Catalina Marketing and LiveRamp. Marketers will be able to use Catalina audience segments through the LiveRamp Data Store, making it easier to optimize ad campaigns against 85 million households. It’s another escape route from the walled gardens.

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