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July 25, 2019

DemandJump Raises $5.5 Million for Marketing Measurement

DemandJump Raises $5.5 Million for Marketing Measurement

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DemandJump unifies marketing campaign data and makes AI-based recommendations for improvements. Not a CDP since not customer level, so far as I can tell. They just raised a $5.5 million “A2” round, making their funding $14 million to date.

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Most CMOs See Data Privacy Regulations as Opportunity: Dentsu Aegis Survey

Dentsu Aegis Network

Tools like DemandJump can improve near-term results but high growth companies focus on longer term brand health, according to this Dentsu Aegis survey. Lots of sage advice here but what struck me was 64% of CMOs see data protection legislation as an opportunity to build consumer trust. Good for them.

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Business Users Want to Manage Their Own Data: Experian Report


This Experian report also has some interesting insights about attitudes towards data. The main finding is that 84% of respondents say their company’s data is mostly managed by IT but 75% think departments should be responsible. These are not happy campers. Oddly enough, half say they have a single customer view in place, with most saying it sits in a CRM or marketing automation system. No mention of CDPs.

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