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August 12, 2019

SurveyMonkey Buys GetFeedback to Support Salesforce Clients

SurveyMonkey Buys GetFeedback to Support Salesforce Clients


We had some interesting acquisitions last week. SurveyMonkey bought GetFeedback, a feedback collection app for Salesforce. That might sound redundant for a survey company but SurveyMonkey says it’s a strategic move to add enterprise clients.

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inMarket Acquires Thinknear to Expand Location-Based Marketing


Here’s another overlapping acquisition: inMarket bought Thinknear. inMarket serves ads and tracks consumer behavior on 50 million smartphones, while Thinknear targets ads to customers near specific physical locations. Together they can do more, um, location-based stuff.

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Printing Trade Group Buys Printing Trade Publisher

Specialty Graphic Imaging Association

Finally, printing industry group The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association bought NAPCO Media, which publishes several printing and publishing trade magazines. The goal seems to be a broader reach for SGIA. NAPCO is – or was – family owned.

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