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August 13, 2019

4C Adds ‘Bring Your Own Data’ Video Ad Measurement

4C Adds ‘Bring Your Own Data’ Video Ad Measurement


4c.com is the Web site of a company that makes excellent bread crumbs, a tracking technology used by Hansel and Gretel. But today’s news is from another 4C, which tracks results of video advertising. They’ve just announced a Bring Your Own Data solution that lets advertisers load their own information into 4C reporting system. Their Web site is 4cinsights.com.

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Attentive Raises $40 Million for Mobile Messaging


A search for attentive.com leads to a the site for a natural supplement said to help children focus on learning. The company also sells “Genius Drops”, so color me skeptical. Where was I? Oh, right: attentivemobile.com belongs to a personalized mobile messaging platform that just raised a $40 million Series B.

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Lucidworks Raises $100 Million for AI-Powered Search


The lucid.com Web domain is for sale but lucidworks.com offers AI-powered search solutions for internal data and ecommerce Web sites. They just raised $100 million, bringing their total to $209 million.

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