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August 20, 2019

CDP Simon Data Raises $30 Million Series C

CDP Simon Data Raises $30 Million Series C

Business Wire

CDP Simon Data announced a $30 million Series C funding, bringing total funding to $59 million. Simon positions itself as “the first and only CDP with a fully-integrated marketing cloud” although it stops at orchestration, leaving message delivery to external systems.

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Adform Adds Cross-Device Graph for Person-Level Targeting


Adtech vendor Adform has launched a new cross-device graph, which it says removes the need for an external cross-device vendor. In plainer English, it identifies multiple devices per cookie, enabling advertisers to target people across devices and to limit impressions per person. Adform builds its graph with data from its ad buying and serving businesses.

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Amobee Launches Data Marketplace for Connected TV and Cross-Screen Ads


Amobee, another adtech firm, has built its own cross-device graph by mapping devices and cookies to households. These can then be targeted through connected TVs and other devices. It has just added more than 60,000 audience segments based on data from more than sixty providers. Marketers can also build segments using their own data..

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