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August 22, 2019

TapClicks Raises $10 Million for Marketing Data Flows

TapClicks Raises $10 Million for Marketing Data Flows

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TapClicks automates data flows for marketers and media companies, simplifying order entry, workflow, and analytics. It’s not a CDP but does address some related needs. They just raised $10 million, bringing total funding to $29 million.

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Reputation.com Adds $30 Million Funding


Reputation.com analyzes customer feedback from reviews, surveys, and social media. It’s a demanding mix of structured and unstructured data. They just raised $30 million, reaching $117.3 million total.

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Marketers Eager to Increase Tech Investments: Merkle Report


All that investment must mean that somebody is buying martech, right? Sure enough, Merkle found that more marketers (32%) would invest extra budget in data, analytics and tech than in media, content, or staff. Not coincidentally, about one-third report major improvements in conversion rates after implementing personalization.

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